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We create portfolios with funds that have proven to outperform the market and generate social and environmental impact.

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Select issues from rising global themes and we will invest in first-class companies that can attract growth by offering innovative products, services and solutions.

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Access your financial performance anytime and anywhere. See your social and environmental impact. There is so much more to know about your investments – aren’t you curious?

Frequently Asked Questions
Why invest with Physis?
You will benefit from a customized investment strategy aligned with your financial needs and personal interests. You can manage the process online, but if you need assistance, you can always contact us.
How will my portfolio be created and managed?
Our advanced system works with you to build a unique portfolio that aligns with your beliefs and goals. We actively manage your investment with a growth approach, rebalancing securities in consideration of market opportunity and risk.
What does my portfolio look like?
Your portfolio is a thematic, multi-asset investment, which means you will own bonds, equities, mutual funds and ETFs. We actively select, monitor, and rebalance securities in your portfolio with an innovative methodology to always provide you with the companies that meet your criteria.
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